Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Today during 2nd period I saw two security guards run down the hallway at full speed. I knew something big was going down. They ran upstairs and then a minute later a lady from the front office ran toward the clinic. "We need the nurse!" she screamed. I said "what happened!" and she ran past again. A few minutes later the I saw the nurse run at full speed past me. "What happened?" I yelled. "A girl on the second floor is having a baby!" She screamed as she ran up the stairs.

The school is full of babies. There are two nurseries, one for babies and one for toddlers. I think after three the kids start going to preschool. But they are all children of students. I knew a lot of kids had babies, but I am continually shocked at how many of the girls I know are mothers. Some really sweet girls getting A's in my class have two kids at 15.

The worst thing is how the boys clammer around girls that have just had a baby. The girls get so much affection and attention from boys. The boys always want them to sit on their laps and to give them massages. They hold them around the waste and ask them about their baby. When I was a teenager I was always told that if I got pregnant no one would want to come near me. The situation is totally different. Its a reward to have a baby. You get time off school, a lot of attention from your friends and new found male affection. The other thing that girls get when they get pregnant is a pass to the baby club. All of a sudden you are friends with all the other mothers. They pass around baby pictures like trading cards.

When it all dies down and the girl goes back to being normal she usually gets pregnant again hoping for more attention.


Blogger Ronnie W. said...

You know... I can understand this. I know you must have a lot of tough students but ultimately I think all anyone of them wants is understanding and attention. Maybe that's why they try to be so supportive!!

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