Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Today the community newspaper came out and we always get a pile of papers dropped off at the front door of the school. During first period a lot of kids had the paper out and they were excitedly looking through it. I was really happy to see them all reading it and then I figured out why.

I guess a couple kids from school got caught up in some real trouble and there was an article about it in the paper. One of my boys in first period came up to me and said "hey wasn't this kid in our class?" Sure enough one of the my kids was right there with a big CONVICTED underneath his picture. He had only come to school the first week of class but I definitely remember him. He was only a sophomore. I guess he got convicted for being involved in some local drug ring.

The weirdest thing about the streets is how these young teenage boys work with much older guys. In the paper there was another kid pictured and then the rest were grown men. Since most of these kids don't have fathers it might be one of the only relationships they have with an adult male. At 15 I wonder what this kid's life is going to be like now having been convicted for a major crime.


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