Friday, November 10, 2006


Today I had the kids write a synopsis for a story they are about to write. Here are two of the ones I got back (I am transcribing them here EXACTLY as they wrote it):

"This groups show is a comedy called a Box of Crackers which is based on a family of 3 and a black teenager from compton. Our main characters names are Dick Johnson who is the dad who got fired from the bank, the mother Kimberly Johnson who was a financial advisor and she got her waged deducted and Billy Johnson, a boy who went to a catholic school and was on the honor roll. Last but not least Keebler a black teenager who was born and raise in compton who lives with his grandparents because his parents died in a driveby. This show will show us the life of the Johnsons when they move to Compton."

"life in the hood. This is about how we feel as people in the hood like the things that we grow threw such as gangs in how the goverment is handling The situation and why on every corner the a liquor store or a fast food restorant."


Blogger chrissy said...

box of crackers... coming to the UPN this summer.

3:48 AM  

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