Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today the mothers went on a field trip with their babies.

The school strongly encourages all teachers to allow students with children to attend field trips with their babies. I always let kids go on field trips, whether they have babies or not, but some of my kids like LaParis seem to always be on one trip or another.

Today the babies and mothers went to the zoo. As I was leaving the building after school was out I saw them returning from their trip. All sorts of bored looking teenaged girls with babies in tow. Some of the moms had little baby backpacks that they were carting their babies in. Some had strollers. LaParis had a baby carrier that she was pushing along the floor with her foot. A security guard was yelling at her. "Pick that baby up!" she said "he's liable to fall right out like that!" LaParis laughed and kept kicking the carrier along.

"I'm tired!" she screamed in response.


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