Thursday, May 10, 2007


While I was taking attendance today during sixth period I looked up from my desk to see LaParis walking purposefully across the room with a chair raised over her head. She was following Aaron.

Before I knew it she started to hit him with the chair. "Ow! Damn bitch! Ow!" yelped Aaron. I screamed. "LaParis, put the chair down!", but she ignored me. She kept hitting him on the head with the legs of the chair. As I got up and ran over to them, Aaron managed to get away. "LaParis, out!" I yelled and she put the chair down. There was a lot of noise. Aaron was yelling about injustice and the other students were laughing and screaming. LaParis was yelling too. "You always got to say something to me when I do something, but he do something and you never say nothing to him!" "What are you talking about?" I said "What did he do?"

"He threw a paper ball at me!"


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Wow, just wow.

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