Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Sometimes students want to be kicked out of class.

Today I had to ask one of my students, LaParis, to leave the room. LaParis is a flirtatious girl with a 2 year old. I see her and her baby leaving school together a lot and she often persuades me to look at it. I never know how to react. The baby is cute and I can't help but say so and give him a smile. Somehow I feel like I shouldn't give her too much positive attention for having a baby, but just the same I don't want to make her feel bad for it. I'm often torn which leads to an awkward interaction.

During 6th period today LaParis couldn't find her folder in the cabinet and got frustrated. "Where my folder!" she screamed. loud. "Someone stole my folder!" she yelled again. Then one by one she started picking up the other students' folders and dropping them on the ground. She did this methodically, almost rhythmically. It took me a few seconds to react. "LaParis, stop that!" I told her. "Pick those up!" "Nah uh," she said "I aint picking that shit up, it aint mine." I told her to leave then, if she wouldn't pick them up.

"Okay" she said, quick as a response could be, and walked out the door.


Blogger AllieTaylor said...

I just started reading this blog and I really love that you write it. I am a student and am planning on being a teacher. Reading about your experience is really inspirational and I hope that when I teach I can be as strong and involved with my students as you seem to be. Keep up the good work!

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