Thursday, February 22, 2007


Shonique and I have discovered a new website. It really helps with her reading and her special ed teacher lets her come down during the last period of the day to work on it sometimes. It's called StarFall and it is exactly what Shonique needs right now.

Everyday when Shonique comes down to work I try to get her to log on to the site on her own. Everyday she struggles with the spelling. She remembers that it is called StarFall but she forgets how to spell it. I make her sound out Star which is the hardest for her. She always forgets the "t". She closes her eyes and starts to spell "S.....A....R?" "nope," I say "you are forgetting a letter" "Um....S...L? no. S....R....A?" "Sound it out, Shonique"

And she does. She sounds it out and makes that "T" distinct enough to hear it and eventually spells it correctly. But today when she comes in she'll forget again and we'll have to do it once more.

I hope its helping.


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