Sunday, January 21, 2007


The students at my school are all low income so they are a part of the free lunch program. The lunch here is the same everyday in what they offer: nachos, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, french fries, fruit, and milk. It never varies. The nachos are the same you might get a a movie theater with yellow liquid cheese and pickled jalepeno peppers. The hamburgers and hot dogs are microwaved and soggy. The pizza is greasy and cold in the middle. The fruit is unripe.

Along with the lunch the school also offers a variety of snacks. To pick they have the very popular Flaming Hot Cheetos, along with other assortments of chips and cookies, flavored drinks that claim to be juice, and slushies. Some kids eat only from these choices for their meal, avoiding the actual "food" altogether. Some students, especially the girls, see it all unfit and go without lunch.

The worst thing about this lunch program, the thing that really makes it bad, is that the students are not allowed to bring food into the school. They cannot bring their own lunch to school. Every students is required to put their backpack, if they have one, through the x-ray machine. If they get caught with food in their backpack in the morning the security guards throw it away.

And so a neighborhood, who's main food source is the Burger King across the street, is forced to throw away those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and apple sauce containers. They are made to eat what they are given; soggy hot dogs and slushies.

Eat that or eat nothing.


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