Monday, December 04, 2006


There are some kids I don't care about. It's true. There are some kids that I don't have the energy to care about. I have about a 45% failure rate in my class, which unfortunately is not uncommon for my school. It sucks. It's depressing. I think if I had maybe 10% or 20% I could really tackle it. I could call parents and talk to the kids one on one, tell them that they are important, that they can do better.

But I don't do that. I pick a few. I pick a few kids that appeal to me one way or another and focus on saving them. And to be honest, I don't think I'm really saving them. But when they get a bad grade I call them on it, or if they already have an "F" I applaud them for doing work. But there are some kids I don't give any attention too. There are some kids that I see run past my door when they should be in class and I just ignore them. I don't want them in my room. I don't want to help them. I kind of hate them.

I feel really guilty about that.


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