Wednesday, November 29, 2006


You can't just kick kids out for anything. For instance, if a kid gets up in the middle of class and runs around the room in circles knocking over chairs in his path - you can't kick him out. If in the middle of a test a student shouts out all the answers - you can't kick him out. If while explaining directions to a project a student yells "This class sucks and I'm not doing this stupid project!" - you can't kick him out.

You can only throw them out of the room for a few things. In the very public of public schools, with a large percentage of students being wards of the state and an even larger percent being special ed, the students have a lot of rights. Their number one right is "The right to education". And so you have to keep them in class. No matter that they might be disrupting ANOTHER student's right to education you have to keep them in.

One of the ways you can get a student out of class is if they use profanity. In my school the kids use A LOT of profanity. If they use it in your direction you can put them out no problem. Because of this a lot of teachers provoke the kids they have problems with. If a student is acting out and being disruptive a teacher might try and provoke them to use profanity. It's very easy to do because profanity is such a natural part of most of their vocabulary so if you talk to them long enough they will probably use it.

I have never been a provoker and I've always felt uneasy about it, but today I did it for the first time. I had a kid that would not sit down, was running around and shouting, when I told him to sit down for the fifth time he said "I don't got to listen to you, white lady". That racist remark really got me. This year is my first time being racially discriminated against and it really sets me off. I wanted this kid out of my class. So I provoked him. "What do you mean you don't have to listen to me?" I asked. "You heard me." he responded. "No, I didn't hear you, say it again" I told him. " I SAID I don't have to listen to you, BITCH"

BAM! I got him. I made a mental note of his exact words so I could write him up. But I kept going "Whoa, now I have to write you up for profanity" I told him. He kept going too "I don't give a fuck, you is some shit." "I'm some what?" I asked. "You is some SHIT!" He yelled.


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