Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Today I got assaulted by a student.

It wasn't too serious. She didn't hurt me or anything, but she wanted to. She was filling out a job application and listening to music on the computer when she should have been sitting at the desk doing her work for class. When I told her to turn off the music and sit down she said "no". I walked over to her and asked her again and she refused again and turned away from me. I picked up her stuff to move it over to a desk and she snatched her paper out of my hand. "Don't take my shit, bitch!"

This is where my heart starts beating faster. This is where an everyday confrontation leads to something else.

I take the rest of her stuff like her pen and her notebook that I had picked up and and I walk to the door. "Alright Tanisha, its time to go" I say very calmly. Kids call me a bitch every once in a while and it doesn't affect me too much anymore. But today Tanisha chased after me. She grabbed my hand and started wrestling the pen out of my hand. "Give me my mother fuckin pen!" she was screaming. I didn't. I held tight. I was mad.

She clawed at my hand and scratched me. I looked down and noticed some blood. I still held on to the pen and she was still pulling. I heard a snap and saw black spill over where the blood had been. Tanisha fell back. By this time her sister had run out of the room to tell her to stop. There were kids in the hallway from my class that were watching and they were yelling at her to stop. She got up and came toward me and started pointing her finger in my face. "Buy me a new pen, bitch, now you have to buy me a new pen!" "I don't have to buy you anything" I said. I wasn't scared she was going to hit me, for some reason I WANTED her to hit me. "oooh, I am going to fuck this bitch up" she said as her sister restrained her. "go ahead and hit me" I said in my calmest voice. "don't make me hit you bitch!" she yelled back.

Her sister kept saying "What are you doing, girl, that's a teacher!" "Stop it, that's a teacher!" and Tanisha kept coming toward me with her hands restrained, swearing at me and promising to "fuck me up". "Go ahead" I responded "see what happens". I wouldn't have hit her back, but I would have gotten her expelled. Finally Tanisha fell to the ground and got up and started to walk off. I told the security guard a brief version of what happened and went back in the room to write her up.

As I started to write the report I noticed that my hands were shaking.


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