Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I kicked a kid out yesterday for smelling strongly of marijuana. I was surprized by his nerve, not even bothering to cover up the smell. This was the third time this year he has smelled so strongly of it. He came to see me after school.

He came in and sat down. He didn't say anything to me, just sat there. "You smoke every morning?" I asked him. "Of course." he replied. "I can't stand to make it through the day if I don't". I told him that was pretty sad. We talked about it for a while, he told me that he has to come to school because he's on probation and if he smokes before school it helps him get through the day. I asked him why he was on probation. "Selling drugs." He said shyly.

I learned a lot about Nathan. He still sells drugs, even though he is on probation. He clears about $500 a day. He sells weed and crack, but he doesn't smoke crack because he "doesn't want to kill himself". "Oh but you don't mind killing other people?" I asked him. "They're gonna get it some way, I might as well get paid for it" He had a point.

He doesn't sell to kids, he told me, but I have a feeling that's not true. He started selling drugs when HE was a kid, at 12. "My older brothers got me started" He told me, he says all four of his older brothers sell drugs, but he doesn't want his little brother to start. "Why not?" I asked "He doesn't need too! He can get all his money from me."

I didn't find out about his home life too much, he told me he had to go. He said he would try to make it to first period tomorrow on time, I asked him if he could try coming without smoking a bowl first.

He shook his head.


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