Thursday, December 21, 2006


The Navy came today.

The recruiter walked into my senior homeroom and all the students perked up. She started talking about money for college and choosing your own career path and all the experience you can get. For the first time in my life I was all about the U.S. Military.

I looked around at my kids and silently predicted their future. There weren't very many seniors, only a few of them have real plans for life after high school. Most of them haven't seriously applied to college and a lot of them won't get in. Some of them are settling for city community colleges, but some of them won't go anywhere.

I hoped they were considering joining the Navy. A huge part of me is appalled at how much of a target the students in this demographic are for the military. I feel like the kids are being manipulated because of their poverty. This used to really upset me, but now I pray these kids will join. It's better than being in a gang or selling drugs on the street. I guess your chances of dying are about the same, but at least you'll die with money for college.


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