Thursday, February 08, 2007


I had the students write essays about their life. Here are three of them transcribed exactly how they were written:

"It all started the beginning of 2006 When I start to change my ways that when I Became a Jr in high School. I want to become a B student but the way I was going it was not look good, because my first report card wus good it could been better, but now Christmas is come I am trying to Stay Out of trouble but Where I live that is kind of hard because people is always running from policemen and dilling drugs and but the people that do it I no them and that make me want to do it so if they just Stop I can start working on my collage years, and I also want to go to the NBA but I need help from my family my mom, dad, sister and brother to, saport me is my life dreams, and that my life story so far..."

"I'm black I have dark brown eyes my skin color is carmal colored. I'm 5/11 I have large black lips and I live with my mother and dad. I have 3 brothers a 2 sister and my sister's son that live with us. We all sometimes would play the game together we would watch movies together and talk to each other we all went though bad times sold drugs stole thing drove cars fought ansisent people and all sort of stuff. Been in gangs having sex."

"The everyday life of me. My life is so hard. I go to sleep at 1:00am because I have to get my mom up for work Get my little brother and sister ready for school. Get back up at 4:30am to get my daddy up for work because he sleep right thourgh the alarm cloce. And teacher ask why I'm late for school. Someday I just go back to sleep and try to wake up at like 15 to 20 min for I level for school. Sometime am late and sometime I am on time. I like the days when Im on time for school. When I come on time at make the day go bye faster than if I come late. I have to take two train and a bus to get to school Come to school from the south is hard people make fun of me for going to school. People fighting live everyday and school."


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"When I come on time at make the day go bye faster than if I come late."

This was nice to read.

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