Monday, January 22, 2007


There is only one copy machine in the school that the teachers are allowed to use. We have to provide our own paper and we only get 500 copies per quarter. I have about 180 students and have learned to save my copying for important things. Like exams.

All last week the copier was having problems. It wouldn't copy anything double sided, for instance, and then all of a sudden it took to leaving a black streak mark in the middle of the paper. Final exams were coming up and none of the teachers could make their exams for the students.

On Friday the machine was down completely because the repairman had left after forgetting a part. Today the students started their Finals and this morning I went to Kinkos. 180 copies of my exam was $74.90.

When I got to school there was a memo in the teachers' boxes: No reimbursements will be given.


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