Thursday, January 25, 2007


"Alyssia Kay got popped!"

I heard it from a girl in my 6th period class, Alyssia Kay was pregnant. She got knocked up by some kid named Travis, a Junior. I'm not especially fond of Alyssia. I don't dislike her or anything, but she has a huge attitude and is really disrespectful. She's one of the few kids that have behavior problems mixed with good grades. She is always on the honor roll and is very competitive with the other kids.

The other teachers have talked about their firsts. The first time one of their kids got pregnant. Now, I've had a few girls that were pregnant when school started and have since had their babies, and a bunch of students that already have babies at home, but this is the first girl that has gotten pregnant on my watch. The other teachers talk about the changes that take place. The sudden surge of attention from boys, the inflation in attitude, the frequent absences, the drop in grades. "You're in for a treat" the history teacher told me today.

So is Alyssia, I guess.


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