Sunday, February 04, 2007


We have a handful of gay kids in the school. None of them are openly gay, but most people know it. Masculinity is incredibly important for the kids in my school and the boys won't participate in anything the least bit effeminate. We talked about starting up a gay/straight alliance, but the principal wouldn't allow it. She said it would open the kids up for torture from the other students. She doesn't want the gay kids to come out of the closet. "Maybe if it met somewhere secluded" she said "and if there were no fliers or announcements made about it."

A girl last year made a big deal about, threatened to go to the board about it, saying they had a right to start this club if they wanted. She was right. The principal can't stop the students from starting a club like this. But the girl graduated before anything was done and it doesn't seem like any of the current students have the same activist spirit.

There is one kid though, that is starting to come out a little bit. His name is Nathan and he is really talented at fashion design. This year a lot of girls are paying him to design their dresses for the prom. The other day I saw a boy come up to him in homeroom and ask him if he did suits as well. It was great to see that exchange. It gave me hope for tolerance. At least during prom season.


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