Friday, February 23, 2007


We have about 10 security guards that I know about in the school. There are some that guard the floors in general and others that have posts by the exits making sure no one sneaks out or in.

The security guards on the floor all carry yardsticks. They chase kids with them and smack their butts and sides of their legs when they find them. "I'm in an ass smackin' mood!" they threaten as the shoo the students off to their classes. If they find kids cutting class and hanging out in the stairwell or hallways they'll chase after them with the stick. The kids in response will scream and laugh and run away. It's a game.

When I first started teaching here I thought it was about the weirdest thing I had ever seen. Why have the stick? They aren't afraid of it and it turns it into a playful fear instead of a legitimate one. Now I'm used to it.

Today there were some kids hanging out in the hallway outside of my door. One of the security guards came and chased them off with her stick. It was like playing a game with a toddler. They were back 10 minutes later giggling and whispering and then screaming again when she found them.

I guess that works.


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