Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today there was a substitute in the teacher's classroom next door to me.

I heard a lot of noise during the day through the wall between the two rooms. During eighth period it got so loud that I couldn't hear my students reading from the book.

I went next door.

The students from the room 114 were running out of the room and there were screams and laughter coming from within. When I walked in the trashcan had been turned over and trash was all over the floor. There were desks on their side and and chairs wrongside up.

The substitute was crying. "They threw gum in my hair." she told me. "Will you get someone?" she asked. "Will you help?" There were a couple of girls around her trying to pick things up and one was trying to get the gum out. On the left side of the woman's long blond hair there was bright blue piece of gum. "Who did that to her?" I asked one of the students. She shrugged.

"I have a class right now" I told the substitute "but I'll find somebody." I ran to the security guard by the front of the school, leaving my class unattended. "Will you come to room 114?" I asked "there are desks turned over and the kids have run out. They threw gum in the sub's hair." He looked up from the computer. "I can't leave the desk." He said.

"Well can you call someone?" I asked "I have a class right now." "I'll try," he said "but I think Shanita is on lunch." I ran back to the room, where my kids sat in the same spot that I had left them. "Be good!" I yelled into my classroom and ran to the sub. "I'm sorry" I told her "Someone will come soon." She sniffled and nodded.

I went back to class.


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