Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Yesterday I let Shonique fill out a job application online in my room. She needed a lot of help with the application because of her low reading skills.

"What do I need to put here?" She asked me. "Well, what do you think?" I said, trying to encourage her to use context clues. Shonique answered me without re-reading the words "my middle name." she said, "but can I just write my middle initial?" "Well it's a big blank space" I answered "and it does say 'middle name' so I think you ought to write the whole thing out." I started to walk away.

"Well, do you know how to spell it?" She asked. "Spell what?" I answered. "My middle name?".

I didn't, but I did my best. Shonique confided in me that she had only been putting her middle initial for as long as she can remember. "I gotta learn how to spell that." she said.

"You sure do" I responded.


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