Friday, August 31, 2007


The teachers are back in the building after a Summer away. Everyone is in their classrooms putting up their bulletin boards and moving desks around. Trying to get ready for the kids.

Today Ms. Koler came in to my room. I hadn't seen her since June. "Hey! How's it going!" I asked her. "Did you hear about Anthony Palmer?" she asked. "No. Sophomore Anthony?" I asked "Got shot in the neck by a cop." She said. "Oh my god!" I exclaimed. "What happened?" "That little fucker was selling drugs!" she explained "He was running from the cops and emptying out crack from his pockets. And the worst thing is that in the paper Anthony's dad was saying what a good kid he was. Bullshit! That kid was a piece of shit. Did you hear about Anthony Townie?" She asked. "No" I said. "He went to prison for killing a three year old. Said she wouldn't stop crying so he beat her with a broom." "Jesus" I said "Was that Freshman Anthony?" I asked. "Yeah, must be something about the name Anthony."

"Anyway," she told me "welcome back"


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