Sunday, June 10, 2007


As one of the Senior homeroom teachers I had to go to prom as a chaperone. I have never seen anything like it.

I knew that the outfits were going to be outrageous. I had seen some sketches that the girls had made of what their dresses were going to look like. No one buys their dresses from the store or anything like that. All the outfits are specially made for the kids and the tuxes match the dresses almost comically.

I was impressed. They looked great. Not like the kids did at my prom, but great. Totally decked out. I was talking to another teacher about it and she told that she suspected this was the most dressed up they might ever get. "Most of them don't ever have weddings or anything like that." she said "This is pretty much their biggest event".

It went well, I thought. The kids had a great time. A couple kids came drunk and high, but did so relatively undetected. No one caused any trouble.

Toward the end of the night I went out near the dance floor and was talking to a student. Out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked to be money flying through the air. Bills were spinning in perfect spirals and slowly falling down to the dance floor. The kids started screaming and picking up the cash. Next to me, Lassandra got down on her hands and knees to try and pick them up. "They're only one's" I told her, trying to make sense of what was happening. "No they aren't. I got a twenty!" She held it up for me to see. "It's fake." I said. But it was too late, she was on the floor again trying to find more. Kids all around me were holding up bills and screaming. Some had hundred's. Hundred dollar bills.

They weren't fake.

"They do this every year!" Mr. Grays shouted to me over the music. "Really?" I shouted back "Why?" "To show how much money they have, I think!" he said, coming closer to me. "No one stops them?" I asked.

"How could we?" he said.


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