Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I have a sort of social experiment going on in my 5th period class.

There are all girls. Well, there are two boys, but they are really shy and don't talk very much and the girls dominate. This is my favorite class. There is a sort of calm about it that isn't present in any of my other classes. A sort of quiet stillness. And that isn't because its quiet. The girls are social for sure, but they are just a calmer bunch.

The same assignment I gave that caused complete chaos in my 4th period class yesterday was a complete success in 5th period. In 4th period a fight broke out and another kid got written up by the football coach passing by. Today my girls were completely and utterly on task. They were working in groups and doing it so well. They were sharing responsibilities, working together to finish the project and teaching each other.

It was like a dream come true. It was as though I was teaching at a completely different school. It was an oasis.

Today when LaParis was leaving she told me she hoped that no one else enrolled in our class. "I like this class." she told me.

"Me too" I said.


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