Monday, October 22, 2007


I had a blow-up at the beginning of 4th period. Latoya Jackson was exchanging money with a boy in the back row and I told them to stop. They aren't allowed to pull money out like that that at school. It could have been for drugs or sex or anything. Latoya said it was for a candy bar and I believed her, but I told her to stop anyway.

"You shouldn't be back there, Latoya. Sit down at your desk and get started on your work." She ignored me. I asked her again. Then she yelled back. "You must think I'm like one of these kids. Why you tweakin! I aint just one of these kids, you can't treat me like that!" I asked her to come into the hallway and she refused. She walked toward her desk and I put my hand on her back to sort of guide her out "Don't touch me, lady! Get your hands off of me before I have to check you!" I didn't know what "check"ing me would entail but I bet it involves some sort of assault.

When I finally got her out of the room she was arguing and wouldn't listen. "Don't stand over there," I said. She was on the other side of the hallway and was yelling at me so I could hear her. "Come over here so we can talk." "I don't want to talk to you anyway, you should come over to me!"

I had one hand on the doorknob to my classroom so that if I heard anything I could look inside. 4th period was my worst class and I didn't like to leave them unsupervised.

Tamieka came up to the door from inside the room and I told her to go away "Can't you see I'm busy!" I told her. My emotions were high and my face red. Latoya was frustrating me and our conversation was getting no where. "But I need to go to the bathroom" Tamieka said.

I closed the door on her.

Finally I sent Latoya to the dean and came back inside. Tamieka came up to me again and I noticed she was limping. "What's wrong with your foot?" I asked her. "Nothings wrong with my foot" she said "can I go to the bathroom now." I told her to write out a pass and I would sign it. She limped out toward the door.

When Tamieka came back I asked her again what was wrong with her foot. "Nothing is wrong with my foot" she said, exhausted. "Then why are you limping?" I asked. She told me she couldn't tell me, but I kept pressing her. "Ugh!" she said "I was raped, okay?" and started to walk away.

I asked her to come back and I asked her if she had told anyone. "I don't want everyone to know my business" she told me. "My mother is taking care of everything." she said. I asked her to go see the nurse or to go talk to the social worker. She wouldn't. "It has nothing to do with them." she said and went back to her seat. I told her I would speak to her more after class. I didn't want everyone to hear what we were saying and I, honestly, didn't know how to respond to it anyway. I was really worried about her. Tamieka is a sweet girl and I felt terrible.

But she never came up to talk to me and I ushered everyone out of the class when the bell rang. "It's time for lunch!" I told them.

I forgot about Tamieka.


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